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Confetti Balloons Canberra

Lets add some balloon confetti to to your balloons for a fun interesting, point of difference to your party or event.

Rose gold is definitely a popular balloon colour and balloon confetti colour.  A combination bouquet containing a spherical rose gold foil balloon, rose gold confetti balloon and rose gold latex balloons looks truly amazing.  You are sure to be impressed.  Of course, we can make the same confetti balloon bouquet using different coloured balloon confetti, spherical foil balloon colour and different latex balloon colours.!IMG_0548

Balloon confetti can be added to all sized balloons including jumbo, giant, 3 foot or 30 inch balloons.  Balloon confetti can be added to our clear latex balloons in which case you can achieve an all over coverage or it can be added to our clear deco bubble balloons where the balloon confetti sits in the bottom of the balloon and moves around as the balloon moves.  Some of our deco bubbles have patterns on them and the balloon confetti can be add an extra special touch.!IMG_0076!IMG_2461

2 foot confetti balloons are the perfect size when a 3 foot, giant or jumbo balloon is just a little too big for your celebration.

Or why not go the full 3 foot, giant, jumbo confetti balloon size.  Rose gold balloon confetti is a very popular confetti balloon colour.!IMG_0076

At Balloon Brilliance we have all types of balloon confetti including metallic confetti.  Metallic balloon confetti adds glitz.  Team a confetti balloon with some balloon tassels and you will have your guests talking about your party or celebration for years to come.

Balloon Brilliance has so many confetti colours and designs to choose from.  Simply tell the staff at Balloon Brilliance what your theme or colour choices are and we are sure to have balloon confetti to match.

Confetti balloons are widely used for photo shoots both indoors and outdoors.

Confetti balloons can be delivered to someone for a special occasion such as a birthday, an engagement announcement or for the birth of a baby.

Confetti balloons are a fantastic addition to a lollie buffet or candy bar.  Confetti balloons look amazing on either side of the entrance to your event.  They look stunning around the room and at either end of the bridal table.  Balloons with balloon confetti are super popular at christenings, birthday party celebrations, hens nights and engagement parties.

Balloon tassels are often added to balloons with confetti in them as an extra special embellishment.!IMG_0163!17_inch_With_Confetti___Metallic_Tassels!IMG_0062!IMG_0347

Even if you are organising an event with 3 balloons per table, attached to a weight, why not have confetti in one of the balloons to add interest to your balloon centrepieces?

One of the most popular confetti balloon bouquets at Balloon Brilliance is a floor bouquet containing 6 helium balloons, 2 of which contain confetti.  Some of the balloons can be marble/agate balloons and or some can have a number printed of them (21 for example).!IMG_0253!IMG_0285!IMG_0241

If you would prefer to have a confetti print on the balloons we have the perfect solution.  Some venues might not allow confetti balloons so this would be the perfect solution.  It is also a more cost effective solution to have confetti printed balloons.!IMG_0379!IMG_0378

Our confetti balloons come in 4 sizes, 11 inch, 17 inch, 2 foot and 3 foot.!IMG_0087!IMG_1856!IMG_0293!IMG_0111!IMG_0292

Confetti balloons can also take form as feathers or glitter inside your balloon.  Lets create balloon feather confetti as a description.  This idea is a perfect idea for wedding centrepieces.

Balloon glitter confetti is a favourite at Balloon Brilliance.  Adding bow embellishments to your balloon glitter confetti bouquets is soft and pretty.!IMG_6463

Adding a sting of sparkle ribbon to your confetti balloons will add extra glimmer to your centrepieces.  Our sparkle ribbon lights come in various colours or simply stick to white lights.  Sparkle ribbon will definitely add shimmer to your balloon glitter confetti balloons.!IMG_8636

You may also like to add tulle to your confetti balloon as a super addition which looks soft and pretty.!IMG_0113!IMG_7554