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Balloon Arches Canberra

A Balloon Entrance Arch is a perfect way to welcome your guests to your party or corporate event. Nothing screams "come on in and enjoy the celebration" more than a balloon entrance arch. A balloon arch is also the perfect way to draw attention to a special area such as the gift or candy table or to frame an area such as the bridal table or a stage.

Balloon Arch!aav

Competitors love running under an arch at the beginning, or end of a race. Balloon Brilliance has constructed balloon arches for charities such as the Santa Fun Run, TADACT and Relay for Life.

Balloon Arch!Santa_Fun_Run_2014

At Balloon Brilliance, we enjoy adding twisted elements to our arches to further enhance the theme. It's fun to add flowers, bees, musical notes, letters, fairy lights and party dots to add interest and colour to our air filled balloon arches. At Balloon Brilliance, we have recently purchased a new type of framework for our air filled arches called the Aeropole System. It allows us to make air filled sturdy 7metre long balloon arches. The Aeropole System gives the effect of the balloons moving around in the wind but it is actually very sturdy. Our air filled balloon walk through star arches were perfect for the American Embassy 4th of July celebrations.

Balloon Arch!TADACT_2014

Balloon Arch!Relay_for_Life

An arch can be made from helium balloon or air filled balloons. If a balloon arch is made using air filled balloons it will need to be attached to framework. We can add lights and embellishments to an air filled arch as the framework will support these extra accents. Helium is such a light molecule that it will not support embellishments that contain much weight at all.

Balloon Arch!Arch_with_Twisted_Accents

Balloon Arch!aaaaf

Balloon Arch!aaaag

Balloon Arch!Star_Entrance_Arches

Our air filled walk through heart arch is perfect for an engagement or wedding or Valentine's Day ball or celebration.

Balloon Arch!heart_arch_entrance

If a Balloon Arch is made using helium balloons it can be as long as needed. However, helium balloons are subject to the wind if used outdoors and this must be taken into consideration.

Balloon Arch!IMG_6950

If a Balloon Arch is made using helium balloons it is generally a string of pearl balloon arch or a helium garland balloon arch. A string of pearl arch is one balloon thickness and gives the effect of a string of pearls around a lady's neck. A helium garland arch is 4 balloons in thickness. Helium balloons float, therefore the helium balloon arch needs to be anchored to the ground or a structure at either end, which forms the arch shape.

Balloon Arch!aay

At Balloon Brilliance, we also use large foil balloon letters, balloon foil stars and bubble balloons to make into arches. This is also an exciting way to theme an event, party, ball, corporate event or celebration.

Balloon Arch!abj

Balloon Arch!abf

Balloon arches add elegance, style and colour to any celebration. Theme ideas are endless. Latex balloons are made from 100% natural latex, not foil or plastic so they are biodegradable.