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School Formal Decoration Balloons Canberra

Balloon Brilliance decorates many school formals in Canberra by providing balloon table bouquets, balloon floor bouquets, balloon entrance arches and balloon stage arches.

Balloon Brilliance has put together some school formal packages.

School Formal Package #1 - 4 numbers (2021) and 10 x floor bouquets containing 6 x helium filled balloons including delivery

School Formal Package #2 - 4 numbers (2021) and 4 jumbos including delivery

School Formal Package #3 - 4 numbers (2021) and 25 tables containing 4 x helium filled balloons including delivery

School Formal Package #4 - 4 numbers (2021) and 25 table clusters including delivery

Air filled balloon table bouquets are the way to go for your school formal when you don't want to obstruct or block the view of a screen as they tend to be a lower balloon arrangement, rather than a taller floating arrangement.

Air filled balloon floor bouquets, balloon arches and balloon table bouquets are perfect for a venue that won't allow floating helium balloons at your school formal. Some venues are concerned with them becoming loose and interfering with a watering system or alarm system.!table_cluster_glitter_star

IMG 0793

A helium filled balloon table bouquet is also a popular choice for school formals. Go with your school colours, or break out and choose a colourful theme.

Helium balloons can be made into a floor bouquet and attached to a weight. They are great to have at the entrance or around the room at your school formal. A helium filled floor bouquet can work well at the entrance, either side of the stage and around the room at your school formal. At Balloon Brilliance we suggest teaming up floor bouquets with balloon numbers to represent your graduating year

Imagine dancing the night away under a balloon dance floor canopy with your peers and teachers at your school formal. You may want to use your school colours or choose a completely different colour theme which can be coordinated with balloon table bouquets, balloon floor bouquets, a balloon entrance arch, and a stage balloon arch that you choose for your school formal.!rectangular_dance_floor_large

Walking into a venue through a balloon entrance arch is an experience not to be missed at your school formal. A balloon entrance arch provides a brilliant photo backdrop. It can be embellished with fair lights or party dot lights.!AIS_Arch!air_filled_arch_with_fairy_lights

IMG 0820

Large foil alphaloon letters and megaloon numbers provide a warm and fuzzy feeling to see above the stage at your school formal. An arch like this says "We have finished Year 12. WOW". The foil number and letter balloon arch can be embellished with foil stars or latex balloons that match the colour theme which has been chosen for the other school formal balloon decor.

IMG 0819

Latex helium balloons come in an enormous range of colours. Take a look at the colour chart on our website to help with a colour choice for your school formal balloon decor.

Latex balloons latex are made from 100% natural latex, not foil or plastic so they are biodegradable.