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Balloon Tassels Canberra

Balloon tassels are a beautiful embellishment to add to your jumbo, giant, 3 foot or 30 inch balloons. They look absolutely stunning flowing in the breeze for outdoor photoshoots.

Balloon tassels can also be added to smaller balloons, although you can not add as many balloon tassels or the balloon will not float. Balloon tassels attached to our smaller balloons supplied by Balloon Brilliance still look amazing. If your venue doesn't have a high ceiling, then a medium sized balloon with tassels is the perfect answer. Medium sized balloons with tassels supplied by Balloon Brilliance are more affordable than the large jumbo, giant, 3 foot or 30 inch balloons with tassels.

2 Foot Rose Gold!IMG_0062

Gold Confetii Mint Pink Tassels!IMG_0148

Number 1 Latex Confetti Tassels


Navy and Gold Collective!IMG_0562

Balloon Brilliance has so many tassel colours and designs to choose from. Simply tell the staff at Balloon Brilliance what your theme or colour choices are and we are sure to have balloon tassels to match.

Tassels on balloons are perfect for so many different occasions. Balloon Tassels are widely used for photoshoots outdoors. Balloon Tassels blowing in the breeze are so pretty and eye catching.

Walking into a room that has balloon centerpieces with balloon tassels attached to the large balloons is a spectacular sight.

Balloons with balloon tassels are a fantastic addition to a Lollie Buffet or Candy Bar. Balloons with tassels look amazing on either side of the entrance and at either end of the bridal table. Balloons with balloon tassels are super popular at christenings, birthday party celebrations, hens nights, and engagement parties.

Yellow 3 foot With Tassels

White 3 Foot With Tassels!IMG_0275

Blush Wall Confetti Tassels!IMG_0256

Balloon tassels are often added to balloons with confetti in them as an extra special embellishment.

Gold 3 Foot Confetti and White Tassels!IMG_1980

3 Foot Magenta Confetti With Pink Tassels!IMG_0359

Balloons with balloon tassels can also be sent to someone special as a balloon delivery bouquet with a personalised message attached to a card.  The link under this photo will take you to our online website (Canberra Balloons) so you can order it as a delivery bouquet online.  The price within the "Shop" includes delivery within Canberra and Queanbeyan.

Wildberry and Tassel Generic Shop

Our personalised gumball tassel balloons are the perfect extra touch to balloon decor you may wish to order to make the person celebrating all the more special.

Single balloons on the ceiling can be a mix of confetti balloons with balloon tassels and plain balloons with tassels. Mixing confetti balloons and tassel balloons on the ceiling creates a magical effect. Balloon confetti and balloon tassels come in all sorts of colours. Call the team at Balloon Brilliance on 0409 025 052 to discuss your confetti balloon and tassel balloon colours.

Confetti Tassel Ceiling!IMG_1856

At Balloon Brilliance we also make tassels to suit a theme such as a baby shower or a Minnie Mouse theme. Balloon Tassels add interest to the party and really add an "ahhh factor" to your party or celebration.

Balloon tassels can also be added to our numbers or letters as an extra special embellishment. This is a fantastic way to bring your whole themed decor together. Imagine beautiful balloons with tassels on them as centerpieces on the table and an XO with tassels attached at the door to greet your guests as they arrive at your celebration.!XO

And why stop with balloon tassels on your balloons? Why not let the team at Balloon Brilliance add other embellishments too such as a rosette or some pretty pom poms or a personalised message?!Tassels___Puffball


Rose Gold Orb Latex Confetti and Tassels!IMG_0548

Give the team at Balloon Brilliance on 0409 025 052 to discuss the theme of your party or celebration and see how Balloon Brilliance can embellish your balloon decor with gorgeous balloon tassels.