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Tulle Balloons Canberra

Tulle covered balloons are on trend at the moment. Balloon Brilliance can cover different sized tulle balloons. We can offer jumbo, giant, 3 foot or 30 inch tulle balloons which are perfect for table centrepieces, photo shoots, room decor and lolly or candy buffet accents.!IMG_0116

Balloon Brilliance also specialises in covering smaller balloons with tulle that may suit your venue with respect to ceiling height. If your venue has a low ceiling and isn't suitable for our 3 foot, 30 inch, giant or jumbo balloons, we recommend our 24 inch deco bubble tulle balloons or our 2 foot sized tulle balloons. Our smaller sized tulle balloons which may better suit the surroundings of your event or celebration while still giving the soft tulle balloon effect you like.

Hot Pink Tulle Deco Bubble!IMG_2659

Black Tulle Deco Bubbles!IMG_0028

Burgundy Tulle Deco Bubble!IMG_0604

Forest Green Tulle Deco Bubble!IMG_0032

Deco Bubbles Silver 5!IMG_0030

2 Foot White and Lavender Tulle!IMG_0239

2 Foot Mint With Pink Tulle!IMG_0112

Balloons of any size can be covered in tulle. The colour choices of tulle balloons are endless.!Ivory_3__With_Coral_Tulle

3 Foot Rose With White Tulle!Rose_With_White_Tulle

Air filled tulle balloons are perfect for a venue that will not allow helium balloons. Never be put off by a venue that says they do not allow helium balloons. Not a worry, we will fill them with air and attach them to pretty framework so
that the tulle ballons do not escape.

Tulle Centrepiece!IMG_6677

We have tulle in different colours to cover your balloons for an extra special touch. At Balloon Brilliance, we can add bows, ribbons or flowers to your tulle balloons.

Tulle balloons are soft, elegant, pretty and breathtaking. Tulle balloons are absolutely perfect for a wedding photo shoot or as a table centrepiece. Tulle balloons can be placed at either side of the venue entrance to entice your guests into the party or celebration. Tulle balloons look beautiful behind the bridal table as a backdrop. Tulle balloons look extra special floating above scrumptious lollies on the Lollie bar or Candy Buffet.

Our printed deco bubble tulle balloons with a soft pretty heart pattern are simply perfect for a wedding or engagement party. Adding a soft coordinating tulle base to your tulle balloon centrepieces or tulle balloon floor bouquets adds a special touch to your party, event or celebration.!Heart_Bubble_With_Tulle

Or, you may like one of our star or balloon printed deco bubble balloons covered with bright tulle. At Balloon Brilliance, we have balloon tulle in so many colours for you to choose from.

Tulle balloons are also perfect for a christening, bat or bar mitzvah, 18th, 21st, engagement party or whatever celebration you can think of.

Some of the most beautiful balloon bouquets we deliver at Balloon Brilliance contain tulle balloons.  At Balloon Brilliance, we can change the colour of the tulle balloons to suit your delivery or party theme.  Simply call 0409 025 052 to discuss colour choices.

Purple Tulle Feathers and Confetti!IMG_2109

 Blue Tulle Confetti and Feathers!IMG_0326

Covering balloons with tulle is definitely a special touch.